Despite the Macy’s Day Parade, football games and pumpkin pie, we all know the real star of Thanksgiving- the turkey! This year, don’t stress about finding the best recipe, we’ve got it covered. Check out these recipes that we found to make the perfect turkey AND to take care of the seemingly endless leftovers.




World’s Simplest Turkey


Perfect for picky eaters and anyone on a time crunch, this recipe for the World’s Simplest Turkey is extra easy to make, yet still delicious! Baste your bird with butter, stuff it with the usual aromatics, and you’re good to go.


Slow Cooker Turkey


If you don’t have time to watch over your turkey all evening, try our recipe for Slow Cooker Turkey. Simply season your turkey and let it cook, low and slow, for 8 to 10 hours!
Maple-Roasted Turkey


Everything is better with bacon, right? For a family full of bacon lovers, this recipe for Maple-Roasted Turkey is a great fit. Basted in a maple syrup glaze and topped with strips of bacon, this turkey doubles as a main course and dessert. If you’re looking for an extra side dish, this recipe also includes tips for cornbread stuffing.


Adobo Turkey with Red-Chile Gravy


Try something a little out of the ordinary this year with this recipe for Adobo Turkey. Basted with a homemade spicy adobo sauce, this turkey definitely packs full-bodied flavor!







Turkey Panini


Our recipe for Turkey Paninis is perfect for a work lunch or your kids’ lunches! Pile your sandwich high with leftover turkey, mustard, cheese and crisp apple slices.


Turkey Salad  


Combine your leftover turkey with mayo and seasonings to make our recipe for Turkey Salad. This mix goes great with crackers or on a sandwich.


Leftover Turkey Ditalini Soup  


For a great post-Thanksgiving dinner, try our recipe for Turkey Ditalini Soup. This recipe includes leftover turkey, pasta, green beans, sweet potatoes and chicken broth to create a hearty and delicious soup.

Turkey Pot Pie


Another dinner recipe worth trying is this recipe for Turkey Pot Pie. Use up the rest of your leftover turkey in this delicious meal with plenty of veggies and an extra flaky crust.


Avoid the chaotic day-before-Thanksgiving rush to the grocery store and stop by your local Sparkle Market early! There will be plenty of quality turkeys and other ingredients that you’ll need to make your Thanksgiving feast a success.