Four young friends and a woman at Halloween eating treats and smiling

This Halloween, the decorations won’t be the only things spooking your guests! Check out some of these terrifyingly tasty recipes that we’ve brewed just for you.


Alarming Apps


In any occasion, first impressions are always important, and in a meal, first impressions mean appetizers. For your upcoming Halloween festivities, try this recipe for Pumpkin Deviled Eggs. These deviled eggs look like they came straight from the pumpkin patch, packed with plenty of bright orange paprika and a small chive “stem.” If you’re looking for something a little more daring, try this recipe for Avocado “Brain Dip”- a hallowed out head of cauliflower decorated with red fruit leather and filled with delicious homemade guacamole.



Mini Main Dishes


As you’re searching for the perfect main course, consider some of these recipes for filling food that can still be easily carried around during the party! Check out our recipe for Ham and Cheese Pumpkin Bites. Perfect for kids and adults, these small pie crust sandwiches are festive, easy to make and even easier to eat. Stick with the pumpkin theme and try this recipe for Jack o’ Lantern Quesadillas. Filled with delicious gooey cheese, these quesadillas can easily be transformed with whatever filling you desire (buffalo chicken, ground turkey, etc.).

Devilish Desserts


A party isn’t a party without desserts! Try our recipe for Caramel Candy Popcorn. This treat is perfect for guests to munch on, or to take home as a party favor. Really make your guests cringe with this recipe for Dead Velvet Cake, oozing with red food coloring and topped with bright red “blood.” Another equally delicious dessert is this recipe for Spider Trifle. This trifle includes layers of chocolate cake, fluffy pudding and Oreos, topped with a plastic spider and his web of chocolate syrup.


Creepy Cocktails

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For the adult guests of the party, we found some extra creepy cocktail recipes that might look too cool to drink! Try this recipe for The Witch’s Heart, a dark purple shimmering cocktail complete with crushed dry ice that leaves a smoky, potion-like trail in its wake. For a stronger and spookier mix, try this recipe for a cocktail called Black Magic. This drink uses black vodka, lime juice and edible pearl dust to create a sparkling black cocktail that tastes similar to a lime daiquiri. If you’re looking for a drink that matches your dead velvet cake, you might want to try this recipe for the Walker Blood Sangria, filled with bright red wine and rimmed with red sugar.



As you head out to search for the best costume this Halloween, don’t forget to grab your groceries too. Stop by your local Sparkle Market where you’ll find all of the quality ingredients you need to make your Halloween feast a success!