One of the most popular foods for this weekend’s game is going to be wings. So here is some interesting trivia to think about while you’re chowing down on this fun finger food!

1. Americans ate 1.25 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday last year! 

2. Buffalo wings get their name from their place of invention: Buffalo, New York.


3. There is a better way to eat chicken wings! 


4. How many wings do you eat in one sitting? On average people eat one dozen wings at a time! 


5. Obviously, those sugary sauces are going to add a lot, but your basic chicken wing contains about 141 calories! 

6. Think you can eat a lot of wings at once? Think again, the world record for wing eating is 444 wing in 26 minutes, set at the 2015 Wing Bowl (the world championship of wing eating). 

7. Surprisingly, National Chicken Wing Day is not during football season. It’s on July 29th!


8. Frank’s Red Hot was supposedly the original sauce used in the first batch of Buffalo Wings


9. Despite their size, chicken wings have become a more valuable piece of the chicken than breasts! 

10. This year, chicken wings will actually be fatter than normal! 

11. Chicken wing franchises have grown 7% over the last 5 years, to over 2000 restaurants nationwide. 



12. The National Buffalo Wing Festival is held each year in Buffalo New York, in the past crowds of over 80,000 have attended . 


What’s your favorite piece of chicken wing trivia? Leave us any interesting chicken wing knowledge you have in our comments section below!