Potatoes come in all shapes and sizes, and we at Sparkle Markets do. not. discriminate. Whether you want ‘em roasted, mashed or hashed, we’ve got the ingredients and recipe for you! This September, celebrate National Potato Month with us and try any of the following recipes. 


Boom, Roasted – Michael Scott

potatoes-768x1024-1.jpgIf it’s not already, roasted (or baked) potatoes should be your go-to side when it comes to dinner. They’re easy to make and require little to no clean up if you line your baking sheet with foil! Take our recipe for Garlic Roasted Potatoes for example. Red potatoes are chopped, tossed in a flavorful garlic mixture and roasted. They take no more than 20 min to make! For the healthier folk out there, try our recipe for Baked Parmesan Sweet Potatoes. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, this sweet potato side is not only good tasting, but also good for you. Or go above and beyond with our recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes, perfect for your next dinner party.


Do the Mashed Potato  

potatoes-768x889.jpgMashed potatoes might sound easy, but they can actually be a lot of work! You have to find the right ratio between milk, butter and potato, make the choice between smooth or chunky- and after all that, they still might not turn out right. And that’s why you should try our recipe for Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes. Step 1: put all ingredients in slow cooker. Step 2: add butter & mash. Try the same technique using this recipe for Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

Okay, but what about the leftovers?
Great question! You don’t have to throw away an entire container of leftover mash, and you certainly don’t have to eat them as is. Instead, repurpose your mashed potatoes in Potato Pancakes. Goodbye cold, gummy mash & hello crispy pancakes. They work great for breakfast or as a side dish for dinner later in the week.


The Hash Slinging Potato Slasher  

breakfast-768x1024.jpgContinuing along the crispy potato topic, let’s talk hash. If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, try our recipe for Bacon n’ Egg Hash. It checks all the boxes (potatoes, meat, egg, cheese, veggies) and only uses one skillet! Your turn to host brunch? Make Spinach, Bacon and Hash Brown Quiche. In this recipe, the hash browns create an irresistibly crispy crust that you didn’t know you needed until now (trust us). Or if you’re not a breakfast person, make hash for dinner! Try this recipe for Kielbasa, Pepper and Onion Potato Hash – it’s filling and only takes 15 min to make.


Potatoes are so diverse that we couldn’t possibly fit all types in one blog. But instead, you can check our recipe archive for more potato recipes! Once you’ve found the perfect potato plate, head to your local Sparkle Market for all of the fresh ingredients you need to make it a success.