The german pretzel

Someone find Stanley and let him know that it’s PRETZEL DAY! Sweet or salty, crunchy or soft, pretzels always seem to hit the spot. Today we’ve gathered a variety of recipes for parties, dinners or just personal indulgence – all with pretzels as the star!


Pretzels at Parties


We bet that you’ve never been to a party without pretzels. This time, instead of just throwing pretzels in a bowl, try one of our recipes! Our recipe for Mini Almond Cheeseballs packs all of the flavors of a classic cheeseball into a bite-sized treat. Cheese, bacon, onion and seasonings are mixed together, rolled in almonds and eaten with pretzel sticks. For a similar appetizer with different flavors, try our recipe for Pimento Bacon Cheese Bites. Little cheese balls, with an added kick of cayenne pepper and jalapeño, are served with pretzel sticks.


Pretzel Crusted Protein


Change up your usual dinner menu today and add pretzels! Young kids and picky eaters will love this recipe for Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Nuggets. Coat strips of chicken in flour, egg and pretzels before baking for 20 minutes! The pretzels form a fantastic salty crust on the chicken, adding flavor and fun to the meal. For a slightly more advanced dish, try this recipe for Pretzel-Fried Steak. In this recipe, the steak is coated similarly to the chicken, just with different spices. The juicy cooked steaks are topped with a homemade mango-onion gravy- adding the perfect amount of tanginess to the dish.


Pretzel Desserts


Don’t quote us on this, but we’re pretty sure it’s a law that we must combine sweet and salty in a dessert. Even if it’s not, you should definitely try our recipe for Snickers Dip. This recipe mimics a Snickers candy bar with cream cheese, Cool Whip and peanut butter. But what makes this recipe truly perfect are the pretzels used for dipping. Or try this recipe for PB Cheesecake With a Pretzel Crust. In this recipe, creamy and sweet cheesecake is perfectly paired with a crunchy, slightly salty pretzel crust.



Celebrate National Pretzel Day with us and stop by your local Sparkle Market for all of the pretzels and fresh ingredients you need to make these recipes a success!