Let’s face it, winter can be brutal. With the cold wind and wet snow raging outside, only two things sound great to us: staying indoors and eating a bowl of hot chili. And luckily, we’ve cooked up enough chili recipes to get you through the entire week, or the entire winter if you have lots of leftovers!


  1. Hearty Slow Cooker Chili


Honestly, nothing beats a classic, hearty bowl of chili. And our recipe for Slow Cooker Chili takes little to no effort, while achieving amazing flavors. Simply brown the ground beef and add the rest of the ingredients to a slow cooker! This recipe is great for busy families that might not eat dinner all at the same time, or for anyone looking to snack on chili all day (we won’t judge).



  1. Heart Healthy Chili

Tortilla Chicken Soup

As a more heart healthy option, our recipe for Chicken Chili is not your traditional chili, packed with tangy and spicy flavors. This recipe’s cayenne pepper is sure to warm you up even on the coldest of days, while beans, corn and plenty of chicken will keep you full and satisfied. Another healthier chili option is our recipe for Turkey, Bean and Corn Chili. This recipe uses ground turkey rather than ground beef, and brings the heat with chopped poblano peppers.

  1. Chili Appetizers


For anyone with a winter birthday looking to warm up their upcoming party, these chili apps might help! Our recipe for Cheesy Chili Dip includes cream cheese, chili, taco seasoning and lots of Cheddar cheese, baked to gooey perfection and served with tortilla chips. Our recipes for Chili Bean Dip and Chili Quesadillas are also crowd favorites. A mixture of chili fixings and cheeses, this recipe can be served as a dip with chips, or packed inside tortillas to make quesadillas.

  1. Chili Mac n’ Cheese


Our recipe for Chili Mac n’ Cheese works as a great chili disguise for any kiddos that don’t care for the spicy soup. With plenty of cheese and mild chili flavors, our chili mac is a delicious change from the usual store-bought mac. This recipe also makes for an easy clean up, using just one pot during the entire cooking process.


  1. Vegetarian Chili


Chili isn’t just for meat lovers! And our recipe for Lentil Chili proves it. With lots of filling lentils, veggies and seasonings, this recipe has all of the familiar chili tastes, without the meat. Our recipe for Vegetarian Chili also meets the mark, with plenty of veggies and irresistible toppings.


Endure the cold for just a little longer, and stop by your local Sparkle Market for all of the quality chili fixings you need. Then, hurry home, cook up your chili and get through the rest of this winter season!