Melted hot liquid chocolate with chocolate pieces. Background.

Happy “National Chocolate Covered Anything” Day! Whether it’s fruit or potato chips, nearly everything tastes better with chocolate…well maybe not everything. Check out some of these bizarre chocolate-covered recipes that we found just for you!


Chocolate Cheetos


We know what you’re thinking…Cheetos with chocolate?? However, this recipe for chocolate covered Cheetos is actually not as terrible as it might sound. The salty and sweet combination has been tried and surprisingly enjoyed by a few different food bloggers. If you know any brave food taste testers, this recipe might be the one for them! For a milder, yet similar, version of this recipe, you could also try chocolate covered puffcorn.


Chocolate Slim Jims

If you’re a spicy food lover, then this crazy recipe for chocolate Slim Jims might just satisfy your needs! This recipe dips Tabasco and Habanero Slim Jims in an Ancho chili chocolate sauce to create a hot snack with just the right hint of sweetness.


McChoco Potato

Can you guess from the name where this recipe originated from? Not too long ago, McDonald’s announced its newest upcoming concoction- chocolate covered French fries. Beginning January 26, these chocolate drizzled fries will be available to McDonald’s Japan market. If you just can’t wait for this innovation to come to the U.S., make it yourself!


Chocolate Kale

Chocolate isn’t just for the junk food enthusiasts! Since kale chips/shakes/salads took the world by storm a few years ago, it wasn’t long before someone started experimenting. Crispy and coated in chocolate, these chips are pretty tasty and won’t make you feel as guilty for eating them.


Chocolate Chick Peas

You might think we’ve gone a little too far with this one…chocolate covered chick peas?! But this recipe for roasted chick peas rolled in chocolate actually makes them taste like Whoppers! With cinnamon, vanilla and syrup, you can’t go wrong with this healthier rendition of the classic malted milk ball.


As you celebrate National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, stop by your local Sparkle Market for all of the quality chocolate and Cheetos you’ll need to make your sweet (and maybe a little odd) creations a success!