Fresh red apples in wooden box.

Between bright squash, warm stews and hearty stuffing, fall is full of flavorful recipes to help you get through those chilly autumn days. Today we are here to show you that, despite what coffee shops and store shelves say, there is more to fall food than just pumpkin spice!


Fall-tastic Favorites


Just as you have gathered up all of your sweaters for the fall season, we at Sparkle market have gathered together some of our favorite fall recipes, like our Chili Mac n Cheese. This recipe combines white chili with mac n cheese noodles to create an extra filling and extra yummy dish. And just because it’s not November yet doesn’t mean that we can’t dig out our stuffing recipes a little early! Our recipe for Stuffing and Chicken Casserole makes a simple, yet delicious, dinner for any busy school night. If you’re feeling festive this fall season, try our recipe for Ham and Cheese Pumpkin Bites! This recipe takes ham and cheese sandwiches to a new level, perfect for kids (and adults too!).


Sweet & Savory Soups


When the weather turns cold, it’s time for warm soups! Our Apple French Onion Soup recipe features fresh apple cider (who doesn’t have that in their fridge in the fall?!) and plenty of delicious, savory flavors. Once you give our French onion soup recipe a try, check out this recipe for Bacon Butternut Squash Soup. This creamy and rich soup is sure to keep you warm throughout all of fall (and maybe part of winter too), complete with sweet butternut squash and salty, crisp bacon crumbles.


Treats, no Tricks


Okay, we guess pumpkin spice isn’t that bad. If you just can’t stay away from the trend, then try out our recipe for Pumpkin Spice Treats. With plenty of pumpkin flavor and warm spices, this recipe takes a fall twist on the classic rice krispie® treat. If you’re looking for a dessert to take to an upcoming football watch party, this recipe for Pumpkin Butterscotch Gingerbread Trifle would be the perfect fit. This trifle tastes as amazing as it looks, with layers of gingerbread cake, whipped topping and butterscotch pudding. And if you have a hard time sharing when it comes to dessert, we have a solution for you! This recipe for Individual Apple Crisps packs all of the flavors of a traditional apple crisp into individual ramekin dishes, great for kids or dinner parties.


As you head to the store for more scarves and the latest knee-high boots, stop by your local Sparkle Market where you’ll find all of the quality ingredients you need to make your fall food a success!