Two friends with glasses of beer. Shallow DOF

Foamy, strong or sweet, beer is an American staple at nearly every cook out or football watch party across the United States. But today, on National Beer Day, we’re here to show you that beer isn’t just for drinking- in fact, it can fit into each of the five main food groups (check out the recipes below if you don’t believe us)!


Bread, Pasta & Potatoes

Rich and filling, carbohydrates can be found in things like bread, rice and even oatmeal. And what better drink to pair with carbs, than beer? This recipe for Garlic Herb Beer Butter Roasted Potatoes dresses red potatoes with brown ale and a variety of fresh herbs to create a perfectly balanced combination of hearty and light. This pasta recipe from Deschutes Brewery makes a great entrée, complete with English peas and a creamy parmesan sauce infused with beer.




When it comes to protein, Sparkle Markets is no stranger to adding flavorful beer to the recipe! Try our recipe for Pulled Chicken Tacos, with chicken slow-cooked in plenty of fresh flavors including orange juice, soy sauce, cilantro and (of course) beer. As the weather turns colder, you might want to try our recipe for Irish Beer Beef Stew, complete with an incredibly flavorful broth containing red wine, Guinness, tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce. For another hearty recipe, try our Beef Bean and Beer Chili. This chili is packed with sweet and savory flavors, perfect for the next football watch party.



Milk, Cheese & Ice Cream

With ice cream AND cheese, what’s not to love about the milk and dairy food group? All lactose lovers are in luck with these recipes that we found, full of dairy and lots of beer. This recipe for Skillet Beer Cheese takes a unique twist on the classic pair of ingredients. Placed in a skillet and melted over a fire, this dip includes cheddar cheese, cream cheese, beer and a pinch of cayenne. If you’re feeling adventurous, this recipe for Beer Ice Cream can be made with a few simple ingredients, your favorite brew and an ice cream maker!



Fruits and Veggies

Fruits, vegetables and…beer? It might sound crazy, but National Beer Day calls for all sorts of recipes. If you’re interested in creating your own beer flavors, try this recipe for Apricot Ale, a fruity light ale with lots of apricots and malt flavors. If sweet beers just aren’t your cup of tea, try this recipe for Beer Vegetable Soup, a hearty mix of carrots, potatoes, cabbage and dark beer.

Chicken and bean soup


Butter, Soda and Cupcakes

Sweet and addicting, the fats and sugars food group is home to some of the most irresistible recipes. So, why not make it even healthier and add some beer to it? Guy Fieri’s recipe for Pretzel Beer Brittle takes the classic combination of pretzels and beer to the next level by transforming them into pieces of crunchy, sweet bark. If that doesn’t quite fulfill your need for sweets, try this recipe for Chocolate Guinness Beer Cake that combines chocolate, coffee and beer into one tantalizingly fluffy dessert.


Before you head to the kitchen to make your beer inspired dish, visit your local Sparkle Market first where you’ll find all of the quality ingredients you need (including beer) to make your recipe a success!