Friends having picnic

With the weather warming up and fresh fruit about to hit the grocery shelves, it is time to start planning for picnic season! No matter the occasion or location, a picnic can be held- as long as you have the right food. Here are some great recipes and tips to planning the perfect picnic!



Romantic Picnic

Whether in history, movies or real life, picnics have been a go-to romantic date for centuries- so why not plan your own? Pick a secluded location, pack a comfortable blanket and fill a large picnic basket with delicious snacks that are sure to captivate your sweetheart. Try our recipe for Tuna Lettuce Wraps, with crunchy lettuce and a creamy yogurt dressing, these wraps are simple to assemble and full of flavor. To compliment your tuna wraps, check out our recipe for Quinoa Salad, with plenty of fresh veggies this dish will keep your meal light and tasty. For a truly romantic picnic, complete your date with our recipe for luscious Chocolate Truffle Stuffed Strawberries. Not interested in making food? Then pack fresh bread, cheese and wine- all found at your local Sparkle Market!



Family Picnic

This spring and summer, avoid the hassle and money spent when going to a restaurant and instead treat your kids to a fun picnic! Family picnics provide endless opportunities for food creativity. Check out these recipes for Mini Sandwiches, with fillings ranging from peanut butter & jelly to tuna and pickles, sandwiches are easy to pack and please even the pickiest of eaters. To make these sandwiches even more fun, use cookie cutters to cut them into different shapes and sizes! For a family picnic side dish, consider this recipe for ABC Pasta Salad– incorporate your kids’ favorite veggies and swap out regular pasta for alphabet shapes to make this meal as personable and enjoyable as possible. You could also make safe fruit kabobs, cutting up fresh fruit into bite size pieces and skewering them onto a straw rather than a pointy skewer.




Beach Picnic

If you plan on going to the beach, don’t worry about rinsing sand off and packing everything up just to eat lunch- have a picnic instead! The secret to having a successful beach picnic is to pack food that can be eaten out of the bag so that the sand doesn’t have a chance to make its way into your food. Try our recipes for Spicy Italian Wraps and Cranberry Pecan Chicken Wraps. The Italian wraps can be easily assembled at home and packed into individual bags while the chicken salad can be made ahead of time and spooned onto the flatbread when you’re ready to eat! Need something cool and refreshing to go with your wraps? Try this recipe for a Lemon Berry Smoothie– blend the mixture and freeze it at home so that as you relax on the beach it can defrost and turn into the perfect smoothie texture.




Winter Picnic

Who says you can’t have a picnic in the winter? Escape the indoors and plan a winter picnic complete with a waterproof blanket, warm coats, gloves and, of course, hot food. Try our recipes for Stuffed Pepper Soup and Tortellini Soup– with bold flavors and delicious ingredients, these soups can be easily kept warm in a thermos and taken to whichever winter destination you choose. If you want to make your picnic feel like a summer outing, try our recipes for Salmon Burgers and Bacon Whiskey Burgers. Use a camping stove to grill your burgers (and to stay warm) and pack all of the essentials- tomatoes, lettuce, cheese- separately! And don’t forget, it can’t be a winter picnic without hot chocolate! Check out these unique recipes for Mexican Hot Chocolate and Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate that will definitely add a twist to your traditional hot cocoa mix.

Whether it’s with your significant other or family of four, picnics are a great, unique way to enjoy the outdoors and delicious food. Head to your local Sparkle Market to get all of the fresh ingredients that you need to make your next picnic a success!