Mini chocolate muffinsWe are approaching one of the biggest holidays of the year, can you guess what it is? February 20 is National Muffin Day! Okay, so maybe it’s not the biggest holiday, but any national food day should be celebrated, especially in the grocery world. Today Sparkle is here to show you that muffins aren’t only for February 20- there’s a muffin recipe for any time of year! Here are some of our favorites:


Get Rid of That Muffin Top, Eat a Muffin!

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As the New Year begins, resolutions are made by people, young and old, all across the nation. While some people may hope to be nicer to others or more productive at work, the most popular New Years resolution for 2017 was to lose weight by eating healthier. As people begin to change their diets, there’s one thing for certain- they won’t have to cut muffins out. Muffins can be made healthy in a variety of ways. Try using Greek yogurt in the batter like our Greek yogurt banana muffins, or you could even try whole wheat sweet potato muffins that use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar.


For another healthy muffin recipe, check out these mango muffins with coconut lime streusel. These muffins include great tropical flavors while leaving out gluten and refined sugars.


Green Eggs and Muffins


When party stores’ interiors transform with every shade of green and Sparkle’s beer shelves begin to empty, you know that St. Patrick’s Day is on its way. This March, you can incorporate some muffins into your holiday fun by trying green muffins! Dyed with a spinach puree, these muffins stay sweet and tasty without the use of harsh food dye chemicals. And don’t forget to include some muffins in the main course too! Make some Irish soda bread muffins to go with a recipe like our Irish beef stew! These muffins will add some sweetness to the meal while still sticking to the Irish theme.


Tan & Golden Brown (Muffins)

As the snow melts and the Spring chill turns to warm sunny days, we can begin to prepare for summer muffin recipes! With summer, comes cook outs and you better believe that muffins have a place among the hotdogs and pickles. For your next cookout, try making these savory, BBQ pork-stuffed corn muffins. These muffins would be a great addition to any summer plate, especially if that plate had our bacon whiskey cheeseburger on it! And if you’re struggling to think of something to bring to the family 4th of July party, try making our red, white and blue muffins. With the use of fresh summer fruit, these muffins encompass summer with a patriotic twist.


Pumpkin Spice Makes Everything Nice


When the leaves begin to change color and coats are dug back out of the closet, you can almost begin to smell the sweet scent of Fall…pumpkin spice. It’s no secret that pumpkin spice is one of the most popular and reoccurring Fall trends. Like Oreos and coffee, muffins have also adapted to the seasonal flavors with recipes like cream cheese filled pumpkin spice muffins and our pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. These muffins include all of the warm spices that make the pumpkin flavor as popular as it is today.


All I Want for Christmas is a Muffin


As the Fall weather quickly disappears and holiday decorations line store shelves, muffin recipes will still be here to help you through the hectic season. When the cold weather starts to set in and you’re craving a nice cup of hot cocoa, opt for a warm hot chocolate muffin instead! These muffins maintain all of the tasty chocolate flavors, without burning your tongue. As Christmas makes its way around the corner, try a recipe that embraces the season- adapt the same flavors that were used in our eggnog French toast recipe, to make eggnog muffins! These muffins would make a perfect holiday morning snack.


While February 20 might be the only national day for muffins, these diverse treats can be made on any day of the year! Head to your local Sparkle Market and find the ingredients you need to make some of these delicious muffins.