Everybody knows how to bake, grill or sauté fish, but if you want to add some variety to your seafood menu, try these lesser used fish preparation techniques!



This technique will give you a juicy, tender filet, and the best part is it’s really simple. In a shallow pan, place a few pieces of fish in vegetable broth while letting it gently simmer, then cook 4-6 minutes while covered. You can also add herbs and aromatic vegetables for extra zest.

en Papillote


Don’t be intimated by this method’s fancy name, it’s actually really easy and will give your dish personality. Basically, en Papillote just involves baking with parchment paper. The Fish’s own steam becomes trapped in the paper and cooks the fish. You can also use aluminum foil if in lieu of paper but according to Martha Stewart.com you have to avoid acidic ingredients with this variation because it may have a bad reaction with the fish.

For the actual preparation, wrap a piece of fish in the  paper and bake it for about 15 minutes  at 400 degree, when it’s done the paper should actually puff out. Try this recipe for Red Snapper en papilotte for more detailed instructions.

Deep Fried


Fans of Downton Abbey will love this. Re-create the classic British style of fish through deep frying. To start, preheat a deep pan of vegetable or canola oil to 375 degrees. Next, dip your fish in milk and then cover it in whatever topping you choose (traditional British fish usually involves beer batter). Finally, cook it in the oil for about 5-7 minutes, at that point it should be golden-brown and floating. Remember, for any deep frying recipe pay close attention to what you’re doing, as it can be a little dangerous!

Check out this traditional British Fish and Chips recipe for more detailed instructions.



A quick way to make a tender piece for this technique you’ll need a bamboo steamer or folding steamer basket. Put the steamer on top of a pot of boiling water or wine, seal and cook. A piece that’s one inch thick should take less than ten minutes!

Microwaved for Flavor


This method’s not going to give you the most succulent cut of cod or a perfectly done piece of salmon, but it is quick and easy. One idea for more flavor when you use the microwave is to add a few tablespoons of cooking wine and seasoning to the bowl with the fish before putting in the microwave. Then cover it and put it and nuke for about 5 minutes.

Thanks to Wikihow.com for their microwaved fish idea!

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