It’s always nice to save time during tasks you do every day! Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you speed up your cooking, food preparation and even baking!

1. Make fruit ripen faster by putting pieces of fruit in a loosely sealed paper bag. The ethylene gas in the fruit will get trapped and help the fruit’s maturing process!

2. Quickly pit a cherry using household items. Grab a chopstick and beer bottle (or wine bottle) set the cherry on top of the open bottle and use the chopstick to poke out the pit!

3. Use nonstick spray on your measuring cups before measuring stickier things like honey, peanut butter or jelly. This will keep them clean and ready-to-use for your next ingredient!

4. Use a straw to remove the hull from strawberries! Make sure you have a thicker plastic straw and simply poke straight through the bottom of the strawberry.

5. Easily organize and store your herbs and spices by putting them into empty Tic-Tac containers!

6. Quickly remove the shell from a hard boiled egg. Before boiling, use a thumbtack to make a small hole in the shell, afterwards it should come off without a hitch!

7. Print this infographic to cook perfect grain every time!

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8. Peel potatoes faster with a hot/cold shock.  If you boil a potato and then immediately dump it in ice, the skin will easily separate from the rest of the potato!

9. We haven’t tested this one ourselves, but supposedly if you place a wooden spoon across a pot of boiling liquid it will prevent the liquid from boiling over, saving you time and the hassle of cleaning up.

10. Buy a slow cooker. It might seem backwards, but a slow cooker can definitely save you time with its “set it and forget it” convenience. Just throw some ingredients in the cooker, set the temperature, and by the time you get home from work you’ll have a delicious meal ready!

11. Quickly soften up butter. There are plenty of ways to soften up stiff butter, but these two are fast and simple. 1) cut the stick into small pieces and then use a rolling pin to flatten out those pieces into an easily spreadable form. 2) Put a rigid stick of butter in a zip lock bag and submerge it in hot water for a little while.

12. Keep a copy of this chart on your fridge and make the perfect sized cake every time! 


13. Use this method to shuck corn the easy way.

14. For cookies on demand, freeze some cookie dough balls and store them in your freezer. When your sweet tooth kicks in all you have to do is defrost and bake!

15. Did you know your coffee mug can be used to make instant eggs!  Spray the inside of a coffee mug with nonstick spray, crack an egg or two,whisk thoroughly and stick it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.


What’s your favorite timesaving kitchen tip? Let us know in our comments section below.