How’s your new year’s resolution going? If you picked something like “getting in shape” “eating better” or “excercising more” you know how tough it can be to get healthy.

You’ve probably heard that you should log your meals and write down your workouts, but whose got time for that? Well don’t worry, new technology means that you don’t need to carry around pen and paper all day just to write down how many calories where in those pretzels you had for an afternoon snack!  You can conveniently keep track of your wellness goals all from your phone!

Here are 5 apps that can make getting in shape easy! 

Map My Run / Map My walk


MapMyRun or MapMyWalk , depending on which version of aerobic exercise you prefer are great apps for tracking your workouts. Using your phone’s GPS these apps automatically show your pace, how far you’ve gone, and even  a map of where your workout took you!

These apps are nice for anyone who just wants to run or walk a set amount of miles, but doesn’t want to follow the same route everyday. Simply set up the app, start exercising and Map My Run will automatically let you know how far you’ve gone and how long you’ve been going!

Phone: iOS and Android.

Price:  Free, with a paid premium featured version.




If you’re a visual learner, or just enjoy a beautifully designed app, Argus is for you. Argus is an all encompassing fitness tracker that can be used to log workouts, food, caffeine, water consumption and even steps per day.  As you update the app it displays your progress in tiles that display on your entire screen.

Phone: iOs and Android.

Price:  Free.


Caffeine Zone


If you drink coffee regularly you’re probably aware of the “sweet spot” between focused energy and jittery nervousness that comes with it. Well Caffeine Zone can help you keep your consumption balanced. Based on your user settings this app logs caffeine consumption and calculates how long it will stay in your system enabling you to get just the right amount of caffeine!

Caffeine Zone is especially useful if your caffeine consumption affects your sleep. Depending on how much caffeine you’ve consumed throughout the day it will tell you when you need to stop so that it will be out of your system  by the time you go to bed.

Phone: iOs

Price:  Free, with a paid ad-free version.


My Net Diary


This app is a detailed nutrition journal and is  geared towards people who want to be very specific about there dietary statistics. It gives users the ability to track everything from basic calories, macronutrients like carbs, protein and fat, and even individual vitamins!

One of its best features is a calculator that allows you to determine what your caloric intake should be based on how much weight you want to lose, your basal metabolic rate and how much exercise you get each day.

Phone: iOs and Android

Price:  Subscription based, you have to sign up for an account on their website.




Cardiio is a heart rate monitoring app that uses your phone’s flash and camera to detect your pulse. It’s got a great user interface and from what we can tell, it’s pretty accurate.

Cardiio enables you to log your heart rate at different times of the day so you can see what your resting heart rates is , which is a big factor in determining your overall health, as well as your exercise heart rate which you can use to optimize your workouts!

The app is free but some unlock-able premium features include the ability to compare your heart rate with others in your age group, a lifespan predictor based on your resting heart rate, as well as heart rate workout ranges for various workout goals!

Phone: iOs and Android

Price:  Free, with a paid premium featured version.


What’s your favorite fitness app? Leave us your thoughts in our comments section below!