Not long ago, the idea of a smart phone seemed futuristic and farfetched. Now, you probably can’t imagine life without this handheld phenomenon!

With technology advancing at such a fast pace, it’s hard not to wonder what possible up-and-coming inventions will revolutionize the kitchen as we know it. Here are some futuristic devices that might be on their way to becoming commonplace!

1. The Tower Food Warmer


With several lockable food compartments, this compact kitchen gadget is sure to keep meals fresh and would be ideal for preserving pizza long after its delivery.

2. The Milkmaid


Forget having to constantly check the expiration date on your milk, this state-of-the-art device does it for you! A sensor at the bottom of the container provides a digital rating of the current quality of milk.

3. Touch Screen Coffeemaker


Once programmed, this device memorizes an individual’s preferred cup of coffee with the use of fingerprint recognition technology. Looks like Keurig may have some competition with this futuristic model.

4. Futuristic Toaster


This is not your average toaster. Producing toast in a printer-like fashion, this gadget can physically imprint an uploaded imagine onto your toast. What a fun way to start your day!

5. Cutting Scale


Multitasking made easy; this cutting board has a built in weight scale, allowing for ingredients to be precisely measured while being prepared.

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