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The World Cup is officially underway and as you are watching your favorite teams, who are hopefully winning, don’t forget to enjoy some of the flavors of the host country. If you are unable to make the long trek to Brazil, you can still try some of the national dishes in your own kitchen! Here are 6 Brazilian dishes that you need to try.

 1) Feijoada

Feijoada is referred to as the national dish of Brazil and it is similar to a large bowl of hearty black bean chili stew. This dish contains black beans, salted pork, sausage and beef, all cooked in a large clay pot. Some parts of Brazil also add cabbage, kale, potatoes, carrots, okra, pumpkin, and banana.

2) Moqueca de Camarão

Known as one of the country’s most well known dishes, this Brazilian fish stew with fried shrimp is easy to make and full of flavor. The shrimp is infused with palm oil, spices, and coconut milk. Tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables can also be added for a more unique flavor.

 3) Romeu e Julieta

Romeu e Julieta is a quick and traditional dessert. It is made of guava paste and white cheese stacked on top of one another. The paste has a sweet, slightly gritty quality, combined with the saltiness of the cheese. Brazilians enjoy this dish as a dessert sandwich. It is still unclear as to why this dish is named after the famous Shakespeare play.

4) Vatapá

This tasty meal is made from shrimp, coconut milk, bread, and a special peanut sauce made from finely ground peanuts and palm oil. The shrimp can often be substituted with chicken, tuna, or cod. It is often eaten with white rice or acarajé, which is a dish made with peeled black-eyed peas and then deep-fried.

5) Coxinha

Coxinha (co-SHEEN-ya) means “little chicken drumsticks” in Portuguese. This snack is formed into a chicken drumstick shape. They are one of the most popular salty snacks in Brazil and very easy to eat on the go.

6) Brigadeiro

This Brazilian dessert is very simple and can be made with only three ingredients. Brigadeiro’s are chocolate truffles made with condensed milk and covered in chocolate sprinkles. Those who have tasted the dessert say it tastes like a Nutella ball covered in chocolate sprinkles. This treat can even be made in the microwave as long as it is stirred every couple minutes.


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