With the help of technology, our lives are now easier and more efficient. There is an app for anything and everything nowadays so why not utilize these apps, especially in the kitchen! Take a look at 9 food apps that you have to download for the best help in meal planning!

1) Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

This free app is home to more than 40,000 user-submitted recipes, from appetizers to desserts and poultry to brunch. The app presents three categories such as dish type, ingredients, and the time you have to devote to the meal.

Based on these categories, the app will “spin” and choose the best top-rated recipe for your needs! This app is iPhone and Android compatible.

2) BigOven

The BigOven app has an enormous about of recipes, 250,000 to be exact! This massive recipe catalog has easy recommendations, menu planning capabilities, and a Use Up Leftovers feature!

This app ($16 per year) will provide more features to the subscriber by allowing users to edit the menu planner from a computer and then have access to the information on the mobile app while grocery shopping.

The menu planner will import the ingredients into a grocery list and import information from your receipts. The app provides subscribers with detailed nutritional information for all of their recipes too! This app is compatible for iPhone and Android.

3) How to Cook Everything

There are over 2,000 searchable recipes from New York Times food columnist, Mark Bittman in this app. The How to Cook Everything app includes 400 illustrations and kitchen timers for every step in the cooking process.

For only $4.99, it provides simple steps and techniques that can be very helpful in the kitchen! This app is compatible for iPhone and iPad.

4) No Time to Cook?

The name of this app simply implies its purpose. It focuses its recipes on how much time you have to cook. Based on your time preference, it will select meals that meet the criteria and show you the recipe for that meal.

This app uses kitchen timers and how-to videos along with all of the cooking instructions. This $5 app will help users develop a list of favorite recipes and create shopping lists according to the meal selections. It is currently only iPhone compatible.

5) Fooducate

Let this app “educate” you on how to eat healthy by tracking your food intake, provide healthy food alternatives, share feedback with the community, and scans bar codes that can be used to analyze food’s nutritional grade (A, B, C, D, or F).

The app ($4.99 for 3 months and $14.99 for a full year) is used not only to educate users but it will also provide weight loss help. Soon, the app will feature a real weight loss coach that will help you to create lasting healthy habits. The app with this feature is $49.99 for 3 months and $149.99 for a full year. This app is compatible for iPhone and Android.

6) The Photo Cookbook

This app is here to help in those times when you do not understand some part of a recipe and when you ask yourself, “Do they want me to cut the pork chop all the way through?” or “How do you chop an onion again?”

There are cooking demonstration photos in this $4 app that makes it fun and essential for those who may need to brush up on their cooking techniques. This app can only be downloaded from the iTunes store.

7) Perfect Produce

The Perfect Produce app is the perfect fruits and vegetables glossary when grocery shopping. It will explain how to buy and store produce you purchase and also what recipes are best for certain types of produce.

This app, only $1.99, can be downloaded on iPad, iPhone, and Android. It will come in handy next time you are in the produce aisle!

8) Crock-Pot™Recipes

Do you love using your slow cooker for a quick and easy dinner?  This top paid app on iTunes is the perfect app because of the large collection of recipes designed by the makers of Crock-Pot™ that are right at your fingertips!

This $4 app contains awesome tools like a voice command feature, conversion calculator, and shopping list capabilities. This app is compatible for iPhone and Android.

9) Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is a true vegetarian recipe collection that far surpasses the others in its category. It provides vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes in the app. It also comes with photos to show the steps of the cooking process!

This $4.99 app is compatible for iPad and iPhone and they are currently developing the app for Android.


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