The humble salad really doesn’t get enough attention.

It’s a staple of a healthy diet and unfortunately something that many of us don’t get enough of. In honor of this beautiful, nutritious, and under-appreciated dish, here are some fun facts about salad!

Makemoreofsalad.com supplied us with these great facts! (Yes, there is a website entirely dedicated to salad.)

Ancient Egyptians thought lettuce was an aphrodisiac. You can’t find any scientific evidence to back this claim today, but eating more salad definitely has some health benefits including boosting your fiber intake and keeping you full longer.

The word “Salad” comes from the Latin word for “salted herbs.” Today we add a bit more than just salt to our veggies, but it’s pretty cool to think that salad goes all the way back to Roman times.

Lettuce in the new world was a result of Christopher Columbus’s voyage! Yep, lettuce was definitely not a part of Native American cuisine.

Iceberg lettuce gets its name from the fact that it was packed in ice for transportation. It’s a bit disappointing really. The word ice-burg has so much potential. But alas, there’s not much romance in the name of this popular leafy vegetable.

Like any good fun facts article, we’ve got to include some numbers. The following salad stats are from  Mint.com.

81% of Americans are weekly eaters of salad. Good for us! See, rest of the world, we know how to eat healthy here in the U.S.

1/5th of Americans enjoy salad daily. Wow! You have to admit, that is impressive.

 ¾ of Americans actually consider salad to be one of their favorite foods! With so many varieties, not to mention how easy it is to make, this is hardly surprising

Ranch dressing is America’s favorite with almost 1/3 of the country preferring it! Ranch dressing definitely takes away from the nutritional value of salad, but it’s too darn good to leave out. There’s a reason this creamy condiment is so popular!

Go make yourself a salad and chew on this delicious trivia!