Shopping Cart

Imagine grocery shopping without a cart.

Sure, baskets are useful for small trips but what about when you need to get a week’s worth of food for your entire family. In that situation the cart is nearly indispensable.

You’ve got to admit we take the shopping cart for granted. In honor of the humble shopping cart here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about it!

1. Invented in 1937 by Sylvan Goldman, the original prototype was made out of a wooden folding chair with wheels attached to the bottom and a basket set on the chair.

2. The original name was “folding basket carrier”

3. In order to encourage shopping cart use, and explain the concept, Goldman had to hire models to push the carts around the store.

4. Women were originally offended by the shopping cart due to its resemblance to a baby carriage.

5. Not  offering shoppping carts has been shown to negatively affect a stores sales.

6. Some regional names for carts include trolley, barrae, carriage, buggy and wagon,

7. Someone made a  33 foot tall christmas tree out of shopping carts 

8. Using a shopping cart actually helps you make better shopping decisions.  According to one study the energy used from holding a basket as opposed to simply pushing a cart takes away from energy that could be used for will power, thus making impulse buys more likely!


Next time your shopping at your local Sparkle Market take a minute to appreciate your cart!