Sunny side up egg

You’ve probably heard the claim that egg whites are healthier than eggs with yolk. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s have even recently jumped on this idea with egg white based items. In McDonald’s case the “Egg White Delight McMuffin”.

What’s so “delightful” about egg whites anyway? Is there something evil about the yellow center of an egg that we should avoid? We found answers in an awesome chart from

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.03.14 AMThe first thing that stands out is the big differences in calories and cholesterol between the two. Egg whites come out as the big winner in this comparison. Though eggs aren’t really considered high fat and high carb foods, the carbs and fat they do have are all contained in the yolk.

So skip the yolks right? Not so fast, eating only the egg whites also means you aren’t getting as many nutrients. Egg yolk has a lot more Omega 3s, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and calcium.

So really the question of egg white healthiness comes down to personal needs. If you’re not worried about cholesterol and want to make sure you’re getting maximum nutrients and vitamins from your food eating whole eggs should be fine*. But if you’re watching your calories and cholesterol try opting for the whites only!

*Always consult your physician before making any major dietary decisions.

A quick and easy way to separate egg-whites!

You can buy egg whites separately, but you can save money buy doing it yourself!

The traditional way of separating egg yolks from whites is to break the egg and sort of catch the yolk. It’s a bit messy and time consuming. We recently saw this pretty neat video using a plastic bottle that can save you time and keep your hands clean… not to mention how cool it looks!



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