Sometimes it’s hard to believe that athletes at the highest level are human. Olympic athletes train year round to keep their bodies in tip-top shape, but you might be surprised by what they like to eat!

Here are some olympic athlete’s whose choices in food might not be as scientifically formulated as their workouts. 

Shaun White

Known as the “Flying Tomato” Shaun White is arguably the world’s best snowboarder. He’s won 2 olympic gold medals and 13 in the X-games. Apparently this extreme athlete loves to get his protein and could eat two steaks a day if he could. He also says he can’t stay away from Chinese Food!


Clara Hughes

This Canadian speed skater and cyclist has an impressive claim to fame, being the only athlete to win more than one medal at both summer and Olympic games. Clara is a currently retired from competition but when she did compete she was a fan of home-made rice cakes!

Rice Cakes stack

These will make you a champion!

Lolo Jones

Lolo is an American Hurdler who missed out on medaling by slim margins in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. She’s made headlines in 2014 by crossing over to the winter games and joining the U.S. Bobsled team. According to an interview in Glamour magazine Lolo was once a huge fan of a Veggie Burger with spinach and Feta cheese, but had it for a year and now can’t even think about that meal!

Alexander Ovechkin

Ovechkin is a Russian hockey player who plays for the NHL’s Washington Capitals. He will compete for the Russian’s in the Olympics this year… surprisingly enough he said one of his favorite food is actually Spaghetti

Ted Ligety

Ligety is certainly someone to keep an eye on at this year’s games. This American downhill Skier is one of the best in the world. There must be something about sliding down a hill that works up a specific kind of appetite, like Shawn White, Ligety said that he enjoys a juicy steak for his post-race meal


A staple of athletes who slide down hills!

Kaya Turski

Turski is a Canadian downhill skier attending her first olympics this year. No she doesn’t want a simmering rib-eye waiting for her at the finish line, Kaya appreciates the simple pleasures of a Turkey Sandwich on Rye Bread. 

Shani Davis

We can definitely relate to this world-class speed skater’s appetite. Davis says that his favorite thing to chow down on is a big piece of Pizza!

Are you surprised by any of these elite athetes’ food choices? Let us know in our comments section below, also don’t forget to stop by Your local Sparkle Market for all of your favorite Olympic Foods!