The weather outside is surely frightful and most people are doing anything to not have to feel that cold air! When the weather is this cold it makes us long for warm and comforting foods to keep us toasty in these cold winter days. One of the most traditional drinks of wintertime is hot chocolate. This is a drink both children and adults can enjoy and is actually quite versatile. Here are some ideas on how to spice up your hot chocolate this winter:

Topping Spoons

Try putting a new spin on spoons for stirring your hot chocolate such as putting melted chocolate or caramel, marshmallow puff or even peanut butter on them to add an extra flavor to your drink! If you want to get real adventurous try topping these off with sprinkles, chocolate chips or m&m’s to make an even more delicious treat!


Candy Canes

Why not use leftover candy canes as stirrers for your hot chocolate? This will add a nice minty flavor to your hot chocolate along with adding an extra tasty treat to enjoy.

Chocolate Bars

If you need an extra dose of chocolate in your hot chocolate why not try adding broken or crushed up chocolate bars to the mix. Don’t just stop at the normal chocolate bars, try adding a cookies and cream bar or a crushed up Butterfinger to the mix!


Adding cinnamon to hot chocolate has been a tradition in Mexico for years and it’s easy to see why. Try adding a spoonful to yours and see what the flavor has to offer! You could even try adding red hots candy for a more powerful cinnamon taste.


Red Velvet

If you want to get real fancy with your hot chocolate, try McCormick’s recipe for their red velvet hot chocolate. This could be a great idea for a nice and cozy Valentine’s Day as well!


Try adding some extra flavor to your hot chocolate with various syrups or even jams. Butterscotch and caramel syrups are great additions to the mix and even adding a teaspoon of raspberry jam could make a delicious concoction. If you want to get a little crazy try adding 1-2 teaspoons of maple syrup for a sweet and warm drink!


Your kids are sure to love a nice spoonful – or two – of nutella in this already tasty drink. While you’re at it, try topping it off with some sprinkles as well!


If you want to have a more coffee-based flavor to your hot chocolate try adding a teaspoon or so of your favorite coffee or cappuccino flavor to get the best of both worlds.


So whether you’re planning a nice cozy night indoors or making a hot chocolate bar for your kids and their friends, make sure to try some of these delicious additions. Need to pick up new ingredients for your hot chocolate? Make sure to shop at your local Sparkle Market!