The most wonderful time of the year has rolled around again bringing with it a fun holiday tradition for friends and family: Gingerbread house making! Making gingerbread houses is a holiday favorite that is great for kids and adults! Whether you’re in to making a more traditional house or like to get a little crazy with your design, here are some ideas to spice up your gingerbread houses!

Candy Bar Roof

Check out this unique idea for a gingerbread roof from Disfunctional Untitled If you’re out of ideas or tired of the same old roof design for your gingerbread house, why not try decorating it with various types of candy bars? Using different variations gives the house a fun and eclectic look but just be careful that nobody eats the roof!

Pecan Roof

We picked up this idea from candy house ideas on Pinterest. Another fun roof idea is aligning pecans on the roof of your gingerbread house. This helps to give the house more of a classic Christmas feel and is great for creating a traditional look. You could also shake up your house a bit with this design by adding different colors of frosting or candy as well.


Birdhouse Gingerbread

Martha had this great idea for a very different type of gingerbread house.If you’re looking for more creative ideas on how to craft your gingerbread house this holiday season why not make it into a birdhouse? While this may take a lot of time and patience, it is sure to be an impressive addition to your gingerbread house collection! One of the smaller gingerbread village houses may be best for this one! birdhouse

Be sure to check out for more gingerbread ideas, here are a few of our favorite suggestions!


Log Cabin

If you’re looking for more ideas outside of just a gingerbread house why not make a log cabin with pretzels? Pretzels provide the perfect texture and look of logs! log cabin

Pretzel logs

Continuing with the concept of using pretzels as wood, why not use pretzel sticks as logs and stack them up? Throw some icing or sugar on top of them as well to create the appearance of a dusting of snow! Leftover Twix candy bars from Halloween also make excellent logs. logs

Pine Trees

Pine trees are a quintessential holiday decoration and adding them to your gingerbread house will make it come alive even more! Just grab some ice cream cones and green frosting and decorate to your hearts desire! Even try adding some ornaments to the trees to liven them up! tree When in doubt, candy canes, lifesavers, icing and sprinkles can truly make any gingerbread house go a long way! So whether you’re just making a traditional gingerbread house with the family or one that could potentially be placed in a museum one day, don’t be a afraid to let your inner kid out and have fun with this fun holiday tradition! Need Gingerbread house supplies?  Your local Sparkle Market has you covered!