Are you looking for a new way to make your Thanksgiving dinner unique and exciting for your guests?

How about making your feast more traditional. No, we’re not talking 1950’s Americana Thanksgiving. How does your Thanksgiving compare to what the Pilgrims and Native Americans did.

Imagine a meal with no pumpkin pie that included main dishes of not only turkey but also multiple other types of meats and fish. Though we may feel gluttonous for our feasts today, they don’t hold a candle to the three-day feast the pilgrims had in 1621.

Here are some ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving Day menu more traditional! We don’t recommend actually implementing these, but if you wanted to make your feast as similar to the original Thanksgiving, this is certainly how you would do it!

Why make turkey the main event of the dinner?

Try to add in other meats or fish to go along with turkey like the pilgrims and Native Americans did, such as deer, lobster, crab, duck or partridges. This may help those that are not big fans of turkey and may even open you up to a new favorite holiday dish!


Forget the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes

they were not on the menu for the first Thanksgiving. Instead try making stews with items such as pumpkins, squash, peas, onions, beans and carrots for a new family favorite side dish! This healthier option may make you feel less full at the end of the dinner as well and able to play games as the pilgrims and Native Americans did at their feast!

Craft your own beer!

The pilgrims learned how to make beer from Indian corn and other available ingredients and eventually set up brew houses as well! This could be a fun and adventurous task for the adults at your feast.


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Who needs pumpkin pie?

The pilgrims and Native Americans did well without this dish at their feast and Thanksgiving still became a hit! Instead, why not try more traditional dishes such as English cheese pie or pumpkin pudding for a nice dessert?


Cranberry Sauce Alternatives

Try adding dried berries such as cranberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes or even plums to your meal. This helps to lessen your sugar intake, as the pilgrims did not have sugar, and helps to add a healthier topping to your meal as well!

If you’re really getting in the traditional Thanksgiving spirit, forgo your ovens and roast or boil all of your foods!

Though this might become a challenge, find inspiration from the settlers who did not have ovens and very few cooks after a long winter and were still able to pull off the feast!


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No Forks, Just spoons and hands.

The pilgrims and Native Americans did not have forks to go along with their meals, so if you really want to be authentic you’ll have to cut back on silverware.

This is sure to provide the family with entertainment throughout the meal, especially for the kids!


Though we might celebrate Thanksgiving differently from the pilgrims and Native Americans, one thing remains the same that the day is centered on giving thanks. Don’t forget to take the time to give thanks for the things in your life as well during your Thanksgiving celebrations!

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