This is the first in a three-part Thanksgiving series so make sure to check back each week for your fix of turkey day trivia, tips and tricks. 

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is nearly here and that Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away! Though preparing the meal is the major part of any Thanksgiving Day, don’t forget about the power of decorations and crafts for setting the holiday mood.

Listed here are a few different Thanksgiving craft and decorating ideas to help you get in a thankful spirit and make your Thanksgiving a memorable one.



Pumpkin Centerpieces

Got extra pumpkins lying around from Halloween that you’re not sure what to do with? Use them as centerpieces for your table! With this simple yet elegant centerpiece your guests are sure to be impressed!

veggie tray with pumpkin

Pumpkin Servers

Looking for a decorative way to display your fruit and vegetable trays? Why not use a mini-pumpkin as a dip bowl? This is a simple and fun way to help make your food display more festive without too much work! To avoid contaminating your dip with the taste of pumpkin,  place a small cup or bowl inside.

Simple Centerpiece

Looking for a quick and easy centerpiece for your table on Thanksgiving? Just fill up a glass vase with items such as cranberries, walnuts or whatever you think would look decorative and place a candle inside! This time-saving way to create a centerpiece will allow you to get back to cooking in a flash.


Napkin Folding

Here’s a fun and easy way to make your napkins more interesting. Works well with both cloth or plain paper napkins.


Cornucopia Napkins

This cornucopia napkin-folding tutorial is sure to win over your guests even before the food is served!


Kids’ Table 


Turkey Rice Krispie Treats

Whether you need a cute treat to bring in to school for your children or to make for family and friends, these turkey treats are sure to be a winner!


Pilgrim Hat Cookie Treats

Here’s a cute dessert idea leading up to Thanksgiving or used as an additional option to pie (You can never have too much dessert). Your family, friends or children are sure to have fun making and eating this festive treat!


Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder

This craft is easy for kids but doubles as decoration. While designed to hold crayons,  they can also be used to hold napkins, silverware, and straws or even just as a centerpiece.


Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.58.12 AM

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

This is a great craft if you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids and to decorate the house or table for the big feast – along with help you find a use for toilet paper rolls! The kids are sure to have a blast being able to make their very own turkeys to be displayed to guests on Thanksgiving!


Turkey Cups

These festive cups are both decorative and practical! They can be used with both kids and adults alike and are sure to bring cheer to your day!

A Reminder to Be Thankful


Thankfulness Garland

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you are most thankful for and this garland will help you and your loved ones remember what they are thankful for. This craft is fun and easy to make and provides a nice decoration for the entire holiday season.

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