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Though technically autumn ranges from September to December, October is the stereotypical fall month. The weather cools down, the foliage changes colors, football season and school get into full swing. So to celebrate this time of year, here is a collection of some of our best fall blog posts.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

This article is a great guide to making sure your little ghouls and goblins are safe as they collect way more candy then they need. 


Fun Facts about Pumpkins

Pumpkins… think you know them? This post is a deceptively interesting article about our favorite fall gourd. Plus it’s a great way to gain a collection of trivia to use at your Halloween Party (maybe). 


8 Tailgating tips for Football Season

This post is a great resource to make sure you are ready for the big game! It provides helpful tips to tailgating novices and experts alike. 


5 Healthy Fresh Foods For Fall

We all want to eat healthier. Eat better with these fresh fall foods. 


Stay Healthy This Fall By Eating

Unfortunately, colder weather means we spend more time indoors which results in increased illness. So prepare your body by adjusting your diet. This post is a great guide to boosting your immune system.


Crazy for Candy Corn

Candy Corn is delicious. Fact. Well okay, there’s a bit more to this article than just that. Learn all about this seasonal favorite, preferably while munching on some of the treats! 


Stop by your local Sparkle Market today and prepare your pantry for fall!