Smarter Shopping

Eating Healthy is Hard

We all like the concept of eating healthy, but actually eating well is quite a different story. Why is it so hard though? Think about it. No one consciously wants to have a poor diet, but despite our best intentions it’s a struggle to eat well consistently when really it should be second nature.

A Convenient Truth

One of the biggest reasons eating healthy is hard is because eating unhealthy foods is so easy! Stopping at Sheetz for a quick made-to-order meal, going through the drive through at McDonalds or hitting the vending machine, are all easier options than preparing a healthy meal from scratch.  It’s also tough to make the decision to eat healthy when your fridge is filled with unhealthy temptations!

Make the Choice Easier

While dealing with the perils of unhealthy choices outside your home can be complicated, there is a simple solution to conquering your fridge. Take away the unhealthy choice.

It’s a pretty basic concept, but how many of us really implement the idea of simply buying healthier food? If you are hungry and all you’ve got in your fridge is fresh fruits and veggies and whole lean meats, you are going to eat!

I mean yes, you could order a pizza or go out, but that would be less convenient than just enjoying what you’ve already got! Use convenience against unhealthy food. Making healthy food choices more convenient will make establishing healthy eating patterns a piece of cake granola.

The perfect tool for making eating healthy foods more convenient is by grocery shopping strategically. By using a better strategy for shopping you can easily surround yourself with healthy choices.

Here are some tips on how to strategically shop smarter to make eating healthy easy.

  • Try to arrange your schedule so you go grocery shopping right after a big meal. If your stomach is full it will be much easier to focus on healthy foods and not get distracted with your favorite sweets.
  • Strategize a healthy eating shopping list and stick to it! If you don’t have a plan going in it to the store, things could get overwhelming. Have a plan, remember your goal and be disciplined!
  • Get the family on board. obviously switching to a healthier diet might not be super popular with everyone in your household so , let your family know what’s going on. You can even allow a few cheat items in order to appease them.
  • Pack your lunch for the next day right after dinner! You’ll be full, so even if you have some cheat foods in the pantry, it will be easy to pack without thinking about them. Plus preparing the night before means you’ll have it done! You won’t have to make a healthy decision in the morning when you might be hungry and tired.
  • Allow yourself a FEW cheat items. Any habit is hard to overhaul in one day, just start small and allow yourself a few items in order to prevent yourself from getting frustrated and giving up.
  • Be consistent. Whatever healthy eating ideal you are trying to live up to whether or not it’s organic, low carb or paleo, try not to change what diet your following from week to week. Change will be gradual, don’t follow every fad diet and radically change your shopping pattern constantly!

Eating healthy is a all about making decisions, but why not make those decisions easier! Make eating healthy the convenient choice!  Saving your willpower at home will make resisting elsewhere that much easier!

Stop by your local Sparkle Market and stock your pantry with healthy food!