neighborhood sparkle

About a month ago we posted pictures from behind the scenes of our new commercial shoot. Well, we are excited to say that it’s finally time to unveil the finished product. We will be airing a total of five new television spots beginning in September. So keep your eyes peeled Sparkle fans!

Here are some still images from the new ads. Each of the products shown are actual items from Sparkle Markets.

sweet deals on groceries

Slicing Meat sizzling specials

Other developments in Sparkle T.V.

Football season is here again which means that Gridiron Grill , our weekly tailgate food segment, is back on the air. Gridiron Grill will air on WFMJ every Wednesday night at 7pm during the football season. Make sure to tune-in to get the perfect recipes to make your tailgating experience a winner.

If you missed this week’s segment be sure to check out the awesome recipe for Candied Kielbasa that was featured!

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