Late summer and early fall are the best times of year to enjoy a campfire. Socializing around a fire is a fun experience, but eating the food that goes along with it might be even better! Hot dogs and marshmallows are classics, however the king of campfire cuisine is undoubtedly the s’more.

Key Years in S’mores History

1913 – The combination of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate goes back at least this far with the invention of the Mallomar cookie.

1927– A recipe for “Some Mores” shows up in a handbook for the Girls Scouts of America.

1974– According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, this year marks the first known usage of the word “s’more.”

Building a Better S’more

Next time you plan on enjoying s’mores try changing the classic recipe. Here are some suggestions on how to improve this delicious treat.

Experiment with different kinds of chocolate. You probably link s’mores with Hershey’s chocolate, but there’s no s’more police forcing you to use that brand. A different brand of chocolate or different style (e.g. semi-sweet, dark) could be the surprising secret to a better s’more.

Who needs graham crackers? Try using cookies as the outer layer. Two chocolate chip cookies sandwiching gooey marshmallows with melted chocolate sounds like a winner!

More ingredients! Add peanut butter, try Nutella, or even use a sweet spread like pie filling. Experiment with adding fruits, nuts or other treats to further change texture and flavor.

Want S’more?

If you can’t get enough s’mores flavor check out 10 Crazy S’mores Recipes from bonappetit.com that includes such dishes as s’mores cupcakes and a s’mores cookie recipe.

Stop by your local Sparkle Market and grab some more s’mores ingredients.