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In honor of vacation season, we’ve put together a list of some of the seven best foods named after locations. Even if you weren’t able to travel this summer, trying these dishes in their respective places should be on your travel bucket list!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Invented in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago, the deep-dish style has become synonymous with Chicago Pizza.

Philadelphia Cheese Steak– A Cheese Steak is actually a type of sandwich and not a cut of meat. The sandwich is usually a combination of shredded steak and cheese on a thick roll. The creation is usually credited to Pat and Harry Oliveri, Philadelphia natives.

Boston Cream Pie– Surprisingly a cake and not a pie, this mislabeled treat is the official dessert of Massachusetts and was created in 1856.

Buffalo Wings – Named after Buffalo, New York where they were first prepared, the Buffalo Wing has become a staple of American sports cuisine.

Fig Newton– Another product of Massachusetts, this classic fruit paste filled morsel is named after Newton, Massachusetts.

Hamburger– There is no ham in a hamburger, which is why it’s name isn’t a description but rather an homage to Hamburg, Germany. Though the name would suggest a German origin, no one is really sure where the Hamburger was invented!

Coney Island Hot Dog – Ironically, this chili, onion and mustard topped hot dog did not actually get its start in Coney Island, New York. Various vendors in Michigan in the early 20th century claim the creation of the Coney Dog, but it’s name is actually just a reference to the birthplace of the Hot Dog in general.

Who knows, maybe a Youngstown Burger or East Palestine Dog will make the list in the future!

Stop by your local Sparkle Market and start working on your soon-to-be famous dish!