From National Popcorn Day to National Oyster Day there are food holidays for just about everything. Though most aren’t widely observed, you can pretty much guarantee that a certain food is being honored on any given day.

A couple from Pennsylvania has taken celebrating days to a new level with Wellcat Holidays. Tom and Ruth Roy are the creators of over 80 holidays meant to “celebrate the little, happy details of your life”. All the days are copyrighted, and according to Wellcat.com they have been featured in USA Today and the LA Times.  

Among their many unique creations, Tom and Ruth Roy may have come up with the most interesting food holiday yet. National Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbors Porch Day, which is exactly what it, sounds like.

National Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbors Porch day straddles the line between serious and fake. Although it seems like a ridiculous premise, the Roys offer detailed directions on how the proper zucchini sneaking should be done as well as some weirdly specific advice on how to properly cultivate a zucchini plant.

We don’t advocate anyone sneaking vegetables onto their neighbor’s porch, but we do appreciate the lighthearted and wacky sense of humor supplied by the holiday. This one definitely goes down as a fascinating  food  related holidays out there so be sure to at least have some zucchini on August 8th  !

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