Ice cream is obviously the king of summer frozen foods, but over the years companies have become creative with their own chilly concoctions. Here are some fun facts about some classic summertime frozen treats.

Popsicle – This 107-year-old staple of childhood summer was created, appropriately enough, by a kid. 11-year-old Frank Epperson discovered this treat after leaving homemade soda out in the cold too long.

Klondike Bar – “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” The Klondike Bar’s slogan is almost as timeless as it’s taste. The Klondike bar was invented in Mansfield Ohio in the 1920’s and the first recorded advertisement for it was February 5th in 1922 in the Youngstown Vindicator!

Ice Cream Sandwich – The origins of this treat can be traced all the way back to the renaissance, but the earliest recorded mention of “ice cream sandwich” was 1928.

Drumstick – Most people are probably just familiar with the classic vanilla flavor, but drumsticks actually come in 26 varieties, including “Cookie Dipped Cookies and Cream”, and “Supreme Triple Chocolate”

Creamsicle – Okay, technically this is just a variation of the Popsicle, but apparently it’s distinct enough to earn it’s own day. Yep, August 14th is National Creamsicle Day!

Just remember, ice cream isn’t the only summertime dessert out there! Grab your favorites of these classics at your local Sparkle Market and satisfy your summer sweet tooth!