Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.48.31 PMThe entire month of June is National Fruit and Vegetables Month!

Your parents probably always lectured you as a kid to eat your fruits and veggies. Well, your parents were right. A diet full of fruits and vegetables provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances that reduces the risk of diseases and help you lead a healthy life in general. And while you should be eating fruits and vegetables every month out of the year, June is merely welcoming back the garden-fresh produce that we’ve missed all winter long.

How will you be participating in National Fruit and Vegetables Month? Check out some of these ideas:

  • Stock up on fruits and vegetables that are at their peak during the summer months. For fruits, try cherries, peaches, blueberries and honeydew. Cantaloupe, watermelon and tomatoes are great fruits to help you stay hydrated. Great summer vegetables include summer squash, sugar snap peas, corn, bell peppers and onions. Eggplant, zucchini and green beans make a great source of dietary fiber.
  • When you shop for produce at your local Sparkle Market, pick fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors to guarantee you are getting all the right vitamins and minerals.
  • Leave the sugary cereals in the pantry this month. Instead, have a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast—it’s still the sweet taste you want, and it will help you stay full longer! In a hurry in the morning? Make a fruit smoothie the night before, refrigerate it overnight and take your fruit to go!
  • When it comes to lunch, skip the sandwich and have a salad instead. And when you do decide to have a sandwich, make sure to pile on the veggies.
  • A majority of your dinner plate should consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You don’t always have to eat your vegetables plain. Jazz up your dinners by whipping up vegetable stir-fry, vegetable kabobs or vegetarian fajitas!
  • Pre-wash and pre-cut fruits and vegetables for snacks for the week. Yes, it may seem like a pain at the time, but when you’re ready to snack on fruits and vegetables, they’ll be ready for you, too!
  • Need a salty snack like chips or pretzels? Don’t give in so easily! Make yourself trail mix with nuts and dried fruit!

Your local Sparkle Market has all of the freshest produce at the best prices. Stop by today and celebrate National Fruit and Vegetables Month the right way!