While you may think it’s just an average day, it’s not. May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Whether it’s the look, the smell or the taste, this simple yet sweet treat takes you back to happy childhood memories. What was better than coming home from school to a fresh warm batch of chocolate chip cookies?

Now, we could easily share recipes on how to make the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie, but you probably like to stick to what you already know. So instead, we’re going to share how our favorite cookie was born and other fun facts!

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Let’s take a walk back to the 1930’s. Ruth and Kenneth Wakefield owned and operated the Toll House Inn near Whitman, Massachusetts, an inn and restaurant where travelers would come to stay and locals would come to dine. One of the popular items on the menu was Ruth’s Butter Drop-Do, a cookie made with melted chocolate mixed into the batter to give it a cake-like texture.

One afternoon, as Ruth was preparing a batch for the diners that night, she discovered that she had run out of baker’s chocolate—the key ingredient for her famous Butter Drop-Dos. With no time to head to the store, Ruth took a Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, broke it into small pieces and added them to the batter. However, unlike the baker’s chocolate, the chocolate bits didn’t melt completely and only softened.

She served her “different” cookie to her guests that night and they immediately became a hit. Soon after, Ruth’s “Chocolate Crunch Cookies,” were discovered by the Nestle brand and chocolate chip cookies became the treat they are today!

Fun Facts

  • Ruth Wakefield was originally a dietitian before she became the owner of the Toll House Inn.
  • You eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are the biggest selling cookies in the United States today.
  • The Massachusetts Official State Cookie is the chocolate chip cookie.
  • According to the Guinness World Records, the Immaculate Baking Company in Flat Rock, North Carolina, made the largest chocolate chip cookie. It measured 8,120 ft², has a diameter of 101 ft. and weighed 40,000 lbs.

Stop by your local Sparkle Market and pick up pre-made chocolate chip cookies or the ingredients to make your very own batch! Whichever one you decide, your sweet tooth will thank you today.