Now that the weather is finally warming up, our minds turn to a spring and summertime favorite—ice cream. While ice cream is a treat in itself, there is also an array of toppings to choose from, and we know it’s hard to get carried away. We tend to forget that these toppings can really pile on calories and fat. Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC at the Food Network Healthy Living blog provided some tips before making your next ice cream sundae. Check them out:

Skip: Hot Fudge
Choose: Chocolate Syrup
Why: A tablespoon of hot fudge averages around 80 calories, but when it’s piled on an ice cream sundae, you’ll end up consuming more than 500 calories worth. Opt for chocolate syrup—it has 40 calories and 4 grams of fat less per tablespoon.

Skip: Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie Bites
Choose: Chocolate Sprinkles or “Jimmies”
Why: Jimmies slash your calorie intake by a whopping 20%!

Skip: Peanut Butter Sauce
Choose: Chopped Peanuts
Why: We know that peanut butter is full of protein and healthy fats, but peanut butter sauce is another story. Chopped peanuts have 25% less calories, no added sugar and healthy fats from the real peanuts instead of the processed oils in the sauce.

Skip: Gummy Candy
Choose: Rainbow Sprinkles
Why: While both add color to your sundae, sprinkles contain 3.5 teaspoons less sugar per serving.

Skip: Strawberry or Pineapple Syrup
Choose: Fresh Strawberries, Bananas or any fresh fruit
Why: When eating fresh fruit, you won’t consume those added sugars that come in the syrups. You’ll also consume some necessary nutrients like fiber and vitamin C.

Having an ice cream social? Follow these tips and your guests will feel less guilty about their sweet treats! Stop by your local Sparkle Market and pick up all your ice cream sundae supplies today!