It’s pretty much a guarantee that spices and condiments don’t make it on your weekly grocery-shopping list. Since you likely only buy these items once, you should put a little more thought into what you add to, not only your spice rack at home, but also the finishing touch to your meal! Eat This, Not That provided a guide to help you power up your spice rack. Check out Part 1 (of 2):


Mustard Seeds
Having a stressful day? Just add mustard seeds! The essential nutrients in this spice include magnesium to relax your nerves and muscles, omega-3 fats to keep your brain functioning and tryptophan to promote serotonin production and keep your spirits high.

Nutmeg is a wonder working spice. Moderate amounts of this spice can calm the stomach, stop diarrhea, relieve anxiety, regulate sleep and soothe joint and muscle pains.

Cumin has been known to aid digestion, and more recently, it has been known to boost the liver’s ability to detoxify enzymes, which helps decrease the incidence of colon, stomach and liver cancers.

Curry Powder
Eat This, Not That refers to curry powder as the “spice rack equivalent of a greatest hit album.” This spice has the collective benefits of cumin, dry mustard, ginger, coriander and turmeric.

Not only does cinnamon increase the function of the brain and blood flow, but it’s also known for controlling blood sugar levels. One study showed that “those with type 2 diabetes could significantly lower their blood sugar with 1 to 6 grams [of cinnamon] a day.”

Coriander Seeds
According to Eat This, Not That, studies show that coriander seeds encourage the pancreas to produce more insulin—the hormone that helps shuttle glucose into the cells to be burned as energy. This prevents excess blood sugars from being stored as fat.

Cayenne Pepper
The heat in the spice comes from the phytochemical, capsaicin. Hot peppers clear congestion, fight cholesterol and raise metabolism to eliminate body fat.

Look out for Part 2 next week! And don’t forget to pick up all these spices and more at your local Sparkle Market.