Many believe that January 1st offers an opportunity to make a new start. Make 2013 a year of good fortune, and try some of these foods that ABC News believes bring good luck in the New Year!

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Black Eyed Peas: Resembling tiny coins, many Americans believe that black eyed peas bring luck to those who eat them. Others believe that as the beans grow when they cook, those who consume them will “grow with good fortune.”

Long Noodles: Many of the Asian cultures believe that eating long noodles bring a long life! Eat your noodles quickly, though—it’s considered bad luck to break the noodle once it’s in your mouth!

Cooked Greens: According to ABC News, cooked greens, which resemble folded dollar bills, are believed to bring money and prosperity for the New Year.

Pork: Along with eating sauerkraut, eating pork is another German New Year’s tradition. “Pork signifies abundance and plenty of food,” ABC News said. “Pigs root forward into the ground, which symbolizes progress.”

Fish: Many cultures eat fish for the New Year because the silver skin is thought to bring good fortune.

Don’t leave it up to fate—try some of these lucky foods for New Year’s Day! And don’t forget that your local Sparkle Market has all of your New Year’s party needs!

See you in 2013!