Halloween is right around the corner, and that means everyone’s favorite pastime is coming up—trick-or-treating!

For as long as we can remember, trick-or-treating has been a major Halloween activity. According to Real Simple Magazine, “Trick-or-treating harks back to the Middle Ages and All Souls’ Day, when poor people in Britain would beg for soul cakes, a sweet bread treat and pray for dead relatives to return.” Today, it’s just a “sweet” holiday tradition!

Check out some of these fun facts about everyone’s favorite Halloween activity:

  • More than 93% of children go trick-or-treating each year.
  • Watch out, kids: 90% of parents admit to sneaking candy from their kids’ candy bags!
  • The majority of households (52% to be exact) that pass out candy on Halloween night will pass out chocolate.
  • 62% of adults will be handing out candy because “it’s a personal favorite” pastime.
  • 30% of kids say that they sort their candy before digging in, while 20% savor it, 16% share it, 14% stash it and 7% swap it.
  • Thinking about passing out toothbrushes this year? Think again. Kids say that their favorite treats to collect are candy and gum.
  • The tradition of trick-or-treating has spread internationally to Canada, Australia and Western Europe!

Thanks to Real Simple and the National Confectioners Association for the fun facts!

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