As the fall days become colder, a hot cup of coffee seems to become a daily occurrence within many people’s daily routines. But as you may notice, not all coffee drinkers are made the same.

Curious about what your coffee order says about your personality? Nicole German (RD, LD) was, too, so she interviewed people to see what they thought of various coffee drinkers and the personalities attached to them. Here are the results she found:

Black Coffee
Those who take their coffee black are leaders. They know what they like, and stick to it. They also like control and try to avoid conflict or change. Black coffee drinkers are also described as hard working, more minimalist, non-materialistic, quiet, honest and direct.

Not surprisingly, espresso drinkers are always on the go. Their personality types are usually punctual, like to be in control and stick to a strict schedule. Is your best friend an espresso drinker? That’s great! They are known to be reliable and loyal.

Cappuccino drinkers are known be more of the “artistic” ones of the coffee personalities. They’re known to be imaginative, creative and tend to steer away from trends. Cappuccino drinkers are also known to be very detail-oriented.

Lattes are pretty popular today, so it’s not much of a surprise that those who prefer them are trend-followers. These personality types are more often youthful, comforting, pleasant and friendly. And although latte drinkers can be confrontational, they still want to please others.

Frozen Blended Coffee
Those who prefer frozen blended coffee are more of the “free spirits” of the personalities—German says they have a spur-of-the-moment attitude, love to take chances, live their lives with a less controlling attitudes and love all things sweet!

Decaf Coffee
German found that while some decaf-lovers can be light-hearted and less stressed others may be uptight. Their personalities are simple and mild. Decaf drinkers avoid controversy and arguments, and are afraid to take risks.

Which coffee are you? Do you agree with what your favorite coffee says about your personality?

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