The air is getting crisp and the leaves are starting to change color—the fall season is getting closer and closer! Sure, we’ll miss our favorite summer fruits, but now we can welcome our favorite fall produce!

One of our favorite fall fruits? Apples! Did you know that there are over 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide? Take a look at some of the more popular kinds and when they’re best used.

Red Delicious: With their deep red color and tall shape, these are the most famous American apples and one of the most widely grown varieties in the industry. With the combination of its sweet-tart taste and its thick, bitter skin, the Red Delicious doesn’t lack on the flavor. They taste best when eaten raw and aren’t so great for cooking and baking.

Golden Delicious: Also known as Yellow Delicious, the Golden Delicious apple has no relation to the Red Delicious. These have a rounder shape, sweeter taste, thin skin and a firm, crisp, juicy texture. Also known as the “all purpose apple,” the Golden Delicious suitable for baking, snacking and making applesauce!

Gala: The cross between Golden Delicious and a New Zealand variety called Kidd’s Orange Red, Gala apples have a golden skin finely speckled with red. Its mild, sweet taste makes it a great snacking apple, but can be a bit bland when baked.

Granny Smith: It’s the green apple we all know and love! Did you know Granny Smiths were actually the first green apples on the American market? With their crisp texture and a tart flavor, these apples are great for eating alone and do very well in sauces—especially applesauce.

McIntosh:  In 1870, a Canadian farmer named John McIntosh developed the McIntosh apple, and since then, it continues to be a top-selling variety! With a round and red appearance, these apples have a simple, sweet, vinous flavor. While they’re excellent for eating alone, McIntosh apples are also great for pies.

This list could go on for days! Check out all the different apple varieties here.

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