Though the summer season is winding down, summer fruits are still aplenty. Did you know that August is National Peach Month? And with only one day left of August, we thought it would be fun to celebrate the fruit of the month by sharing some “peachy” facts:

  • Peaches were once known as “Persian apples,” naming them after the country that introduced peaches to the West.
  • The ancient Chinese considered the peach as a symbol of longevity and immortality.
  • Peaches are members of the rose family.
  • Peaches are sometimes referred to as “stone” fruit due to their pits.
  • There are over 700 varieties of peaches. Some Chinese varieties even resemble the flat hockey pucks!
  • Nectarines are very similar to peaches, and only one gene separates the two. The nectarines’ recessive gene? The one with the fuzz.
  • Peaches are the third most popular fruit grown in America.
  • The peach blossom is Delaware’s official state flower.
  • The juice from peaches makes a great moisturizer and can be found in many cosmetics.
  • The term, “You’re a real peach,” originated from the tradition of giving a peaches to your loved friends.

The peach may be the official state fruit of Georgia, but you don’t have to be from the south to enjoy the sweet taste of fresh peaches this summer. You can pick them up at your local Sparkle Market! Get them while they’re still in season!