As much as your kids don’t even want to hear it, school is right around the corner. That means it’s back to the daily grind and packing school lunches again. Even though the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a staple in most kids’ lunches, it does get boring…fast. Why not jazz up an old favorite? Here are some ways to add a twist to peanut butter and jelly:

Add Strawberries
PB & J doesn’t offer much variety besides the option of choosing grape or strawberry jelly. Skip the jelly altogether and add some sliced fresh strawberries!

Grill It
For a more intense taste, throw your PB & J’s on the grill or Panini maker! Redplum says this will “create a warm and creamy center with an enhanced nutty flavor that your kids will love.” Add just a tiny bit of margarine to help the bread crust up.

Use a Bagel
Leave your bread on the shelf, pop a whole grain bagel into the toaster then top it off with peanut butter and fresh berries!

Add Cucumbers
Yes, cucumbers. It may sound like a strange combination, but it’s delicious! Place some fresh slices on your sandwich for a very crunchy, and tasty, sandwich.

Wrap it Up
Now you can just leave the bread at the store! Spread peanut butter on a wrap, add sliced banana and some honey and you have a healthier version of Elvis’ favorite!

Your kids will LOVE these new twists so much that they’ll be excited to go to school and dive into their lunchboxes! Make sure to pick all of your PB & J supplies at your local Sparkle Market!