Now that all the prep work is completed and the London 2012 Olympics are underway, the real challenge begins—how is London going to be able to provide enough food for the mass amounts of athletes, officials, families and spectators?

Luckily, London put a plan in place two years ago called the London 2012 Food Vision. So what exactly does this plan entail? Here’s a simplistic break down:

  • The public, as well as caterers, are highly encouraged to buy local and seasonal food items via food directories that are provided to them.
  • Caterers are to design menus during the games that utilize and incorporate seasonal foods.
  • Caterers are to communicate to their customers why the menu features seasonal ingredients and where those ingredients came from.

Even more impressive is that the London 2012 Food Vision supports and implements the use of local, seasonal, healthier and sustainable food choices. Creating a plan that provides enough food for the masses AND is socially and economically responsible? Sounds like the city itself is the true gold medal winner!

Now to the most important part: what are they eating in London’s Olympic Village? Here are the most recent estimates:

  • 25,000 loaves of bread
  • 232 tons of potatoes
  • Over 82 tons of seafood
  • 31 tons of poultry
  • Over 100 tons of other types of meat
  • 75,000 liters of milk
  • 19 tons of eggs
  • 21 tons of cheese
  • Well over 330 tons of fresh (and local) fruits and vegetables

Now that you know what your favorite athletes are eating, stop over at your local Sparkle Market and grab a similar snack to munch on while you watch Team USA go for the gold!