With the MLB season opener last week, thousands of people all over the country put on their best caps and jerseys and ventured to the stadium of their choice to see their favorite teams kick off the 2012 baseball season.

And let’s be honest, they didn’t eat a full meal before they left the house. Half of the fun of attending a baseball game is the food! Whether you’re craving traditional fare like hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn, or something more different or upscale, MLB’s 30 ballpark stadiums are sure to please.

Check out some of these cuisines from “The All-Star Ballpark Menu!”

The Hammer – Turner Field, Atlanta Braves

Named after legendary slugger, Hank Aaron, this “soul food” inspired sandwich doesn’t disappoint on the crunch. Sandwiched between two waffles, a fried chicken patty is adorned with fried onion straws, two strips of bacon, pepper jack cheese and a lightly sweet, maple mayonnaise.

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Coors Field, Colorado Rockies

This regional novelty food is not for the faint of heart. Besides getting over the fact that they’re not really oysters, visiting fans also should be warned that what they’re really consuming is fried bull testicles. Fans say that they’re very tasty, though, comparing them to calamari or (real) oysters.

Primanti Bros. Sandwich – PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates

This is for the person that loves complete meals and hates plates and silverware. With grilled meat and fresh Italian bread, cole slaw and french fries are also inserted inside the sandwich, too! It’s a whole meal in one bite.

Ichiroll – Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners

Eating sushi at a ballpark seems a bit “hoity toity” to most, but it’s pretty common to see fans munching on the Ichiroll in the Safeco stands. It’s a standard extra spicy tuna roll combination and has a bit of wasabi to add that extra kick. Each is prepared in front of you by real sushi chefs. It’s also a healthier option over the typical fried foods sold at the games!

Fish Tacos – Petco Park, San Diego Padres

If you’re in the mood for Mexican, you’re in the right ballpark. Rubio’s famous Baja-style fish tacos have tons of flavor—crispy beer-battered fish, shredded cabbage, salsa and tangy white sauce combined on a soft or hard flour tortilla.

Cheese Coney – Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds

This isn’t your average chilidog. Its unique ‘Cincinnati Style’ chili has a touch of cocoa, and its spiciness is balanced by a massive pile of cool shredded cheddar cheese. Add mustard or onions and you have yourself a local favorite!

Hungry for more? Check out Sports Illustrated for the full menu…just avoid the calorie count on the right.