Lush greens, bright and juicy reds, gorgeous shades of purples and illuminating yellows and oranges—not only do an abundance of these colors make your plate a beautiful arrangement, but it also makes a very healthy meal. The number of colors presented on your dish is a great sign of the amount of nutrients your body is receiving.

Fruits and vegetables get their color from phytonutrients (phyto = plant), giving plants various nutrients. Plants produce these phytonutrients to protect themselves from disease, just as they would protect a human from certain diseases when consumed.

So instead of making fruits, vegetables and whole grains your side dishes, try to make them more of the focus of your meal. And don’t just concentrate on a certain color—the more colors you use, the more vitamins, minerals, fiber and overall nutritional value you’ll receive. Come on! Pull out your inner artist and fill your diet with bright and colorful foods. The color combinations are endless, so you’ll never be eating the same meal repeatedly, all while keeping a healthy lifestyle!

To learn more about phytonutrients and choosing foods by color, click here. And stop by your local Sparkle Market to pick up your own vibrant, colorful produce today!