Candy Canes, a hard cane-shaped candy stick that comes with the holiday season surrounding and symbolizing Christmas…and we love it. Durring the holidays candy canes are not just a candy; but a multi-faceted, twisted red-and-white-striped, sugary, peppermint-flavored festive treat (say that 5 times fast). Here are some Candy Cane fun facts to share with your family and friends!

  • Got its shape over 340 years go. People have enjoyed the peppermint flavor for around 600 years, but they were just straight sticks early on. In 1640, a German choirmaster decided to change things up by curving the shape, resulting in the “candy cane.”
  • Got its stripe over 110 years ago. For as long as people have been enjoying the flavor and shape of these treats, these did not get their stripes until 1900!
  • There have been some HUGE candy canes made. The biggest one ever made was 36 feet and 7 inches tall. Try hanging that on your Christmas tree.
  • Around 2 billion candy canes are sold in the 4 weeks before Christmas. 
  • There is a National Candy Cane day. It’s on December 26th.

You can decorate your tree or wreaths with them, use as a topping for an array of desserts, tie them onto gifts for loved ones, use as a stir for that cozy winter cup of hot chocolate, and much much more. Stop by your local Sparkle Market for your candy canes today and get some use out of these interesting treats!