School is back in action and so is the cafeteria. If you’re a parent of a student, the decision whether to buy or pack your child’s lunch is not usually on your minds for long. It’s much easier to hand over a few bucks rather than to spend the time packing, but the quality of preparing it at home is much greater. Why is packing better than buying a school lunch you ask? Thankfully for you, here are the top 3 reasons!

Top Reasons to Pack a Lunch for School

1. Control– If you are a parent packing your kids lunch will allow you to have much more control of what you put into their growing body. A packed lunch can be the difference between a meal that will give them a quick burst of energy and crash by the next period or a healthy well-balanced meal that will give them sustained energy throughout the rest of the day. While they serve healthier alternatives at many schools, ask yourself this question; will your kid get the side-salad or fries as the side without your supervision?

2. Variety– Getting the same food for lunch over and over again can get boring for anyone. Packing a lunch offers many more options for children. The choices for lunch at your favorite local grocery store immensely outnumber the choices kids have at cafeterias. Have them go with you to browse for good new lunch foods, and maybe you’ll also find something you haven’t tried before that you want in your own lunch. If you decide to keep it mainly healthy, know it’s ok to splurge once in a while, just not all the time!

3. Saves Cash– It may not seem like it’s more expensive to always give out lunch money but here are some facts to prove otherwise. The average cost of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread is a miniscule 41 cents. Purchasing food outside of the school will save you a fortune over the school year! School lunches cost around $3 at the cafeteria while you can pack a balanced meal at home for just around $1.22. Imagine how much that can add up!

So next time you’re trying to decide whether to pack or buy a lunch, remember these tips. For Great lunch items check out Sparkle Markets.