With only about a month left of the best part of the year, time is running out to get some great in-season summer fruit. So before the leaves fall make sure you’ve taken the time to enjoy these 5 essential summer fruits.

5. Limes– an excellent accent to beverages. Try Coke with lime, beer with lime, or other beverages with lime to add a light fruity tint to your favorite summer drink. Lime should be an essential purchase for anyone who enjoys a cold refreshment on a hot summer day.


4. Blueberries– More substantial but still a bit of an accessory fruit.Blueberries are great for adding to yogurt or cereal and have that crisp sweet taste that just says summer. I can’t eat blueberries without seeing images of sitting on a porch eating breakfast and preparing for a long summer day.


3. Cherries– if it isn’t already, it should be common knowledge that you cannot properly enjoy a hot fudge sundae or a milkshake without a cherry on top. Cherries are also excellent for making pies or just being eaten on their own.


2. Strawberries– Messy, yet enjoyable, these fruits  help bring out the feeling of summer.  Strawberries are a great treat by themselves but can be enjoyed a variety of ways including, my personal favorite, dipped in chocolate.


1. Watermelon– A simple and undeniable summer classic, there really isn’t a much more refreshing fruit than Watermelon.That great watery taste and sweetness just adds a little extra to barbecues.