An often-overlooked piece of the modern fast-food landscape is the sheer amount of unhealthy beverage choices. From Soda to Tea most drinks out there contain an extremely high amount of sugar. Even Sports drinks marketed as healthy are chocked full of the sweet stuff.

So what would make a truly healthy beverage? … Something natural, low in sugar, high in vitamins, and tasty to boot?  Hmm what about that stuff that comes from a cow? Yes, the underrated super drink is Milk.

Put on your milk moustache

It tastes good

  • Milk is tasty. For those of you that disagree with my personal preference you can put some chocolate syrup in it, or better yet, Ovaltine. Yes, Putting chocolate syrup in your milk negates some of the nutrition value, but it’s still better than soda!

It has a ton of protein

  • We all know protein is vital to repairing and building muscle, and milk is an easy and fast way to consume it. Milk has roughly 8 grams of protein per cup. Have a glass with every meal and you’re up to 24 grams of protein in beverage alone!

It’s filling

  • Drink a glass of milk and tell me you aren’t less hungry than before, it has a creamy texture and lots of protein, carbohydrates and fat that will tide you over and keep you from wanting unhealthy beverages.

It can help you sleep

  • According to a study cited by, milk may improve quality of sleep in certain individuals. And when in doubt warm milk before bed is always an easy way to relax into dreamland.

It’s healthy

  • Contains plenty of good vitamins and minerals including calcium … Why do you think mammals young drink milk? Milk has a great balance of nutrients that by itself can provide sustenance.

Variety is the spice of … milk?

  • Want more vitamin d? Drink vitamin d enriched milk. Want to lose wait, Try skim milk? Need to gain wait? Drink whole milk, Want a different flavor, try butter milk? Milk comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can pick the variety right for you!
Next time you find yourself reaching for a cold soda, try a cold glass of milk instead and be healthy!