It’s swimsuit season, a time of year with no shortage of reasons to get into better shape. Unfortunately the ideal time to prepare is long behind us, but then again it’s never too early to start getting ready for next year!

Really, living a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t be a seasonal thing. Living healthy should be a lifestyle; defined by simple, every-day choices. To help you start making those healthier choices here are 5 alternatives to unhealthy foods.

Fizzy Water for Soda.

Fizzy water, carbonated water, soda water, whatever you want to call it, non-sugary beverages like mineral water, sparkling juice or simply plain carbonated water can help you kick the pop habit. These drinks give you the mouth feel and filling effect of soda but not the negative consequences.

Fruit for anything sugary

Any time you have the urge for a sugary treat simply reach for a banana or an apple. Fruits will fulfill your sweet tooth fix but also give you a huge dose of vitamins and minerals and a much healthier form of sugar that breaks down slowly. You will be amazed by how great fruit tastes when you start limiting your sugar intake.

Veggies for potato chips

Snacks are often an oral fixation, regardless of our hunger levels, most of us just feel like we need to have something to eat when we are doing certain tasks like watching TV, surfing the web, or writing a blog…  For many of us just having something to put in our mouths is a major part of what drives snacking, so just replace those unhealthy potato chips or salty pre-packaged junk foods with some carrots, or cucumbers. It’s OK to fill up your stomach and munch on something, just make it something good for you.

 Oatmeal for sugary breakfast cereals.

The most important meal of the day…. Filled with nutritious sugar? Yes, a lot of the best tasting breakfast cereals are loaded with the stuff. Pass up the cocoa puffs and make yourself a big bowl of Oatmeal, preferably non-flavored, and make the most important meal of the day important.


Home cooked meal instead of going out.

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